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Two twin brother firefighters overcome diability to help others

Abernathy BrothersTwin brothers Kent and Brent Abernathy of the Geraldine Fire Department have managed to covercome their diablities to save people and property.  Both brothers suffer from spastic paralegia which is a disease that progressively weakens the leg and hip muscles, making it difficult or, in some cases, impossible to walk or stand.  Both brothers have been fighting it since they were in the 6th grade.

Spastic paraplegia is a neurological disorder. The nerves hold the leg muscles tense, preventing the individual from walking normally. Lengthening the tendons allowed the muscles to relax slightly and put the twins back flat on their feet. That surgery is the only form of treatment Brent and Kent ever received. Terry said the doctors informed them that lengthening the heel cords was really all they could do.

Firefighting is one of those things they were determined to try. Brent said he and his brother get their love of the job from their dad. Terry has been a member of the Tenbroeck Volunteer Fire Department for most of his sons’ lives. Brent and Kent grew up washing, waxing and working on fire trucks. When they were 16, Terry decided they were old enough to go on their first call. By the time they graduated high school, both had become members of their dad’s department.

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