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Indiana City Lays off 10% of fire department

In yet another budget cutting effort by a local government the city of Kokomo Indiana has decided to lay off 12 of their 112 firefighters.  The primary job function of those being laid off was abulance service but they also served in firefighter efforts as well.  The ambulance service is being outsourced to the local hospitals but the work they did assisting in firefighting will not be replaced.  The move is expected to save the city $850,000 per year.  Blake Granson whose brother was one of those included in the layoffs said “We don’t have enough firefighters to protect the citizens of Kokomo,”  and “It’s just going to be a real ugly situation.” Granson went on to say “Somebody’s going to get hurt or killed, and then they’re going to say, ‘OK, we messed up,’” Granson said. “We need to bring these people back on.”

If the cost cutting ends up putting human lives in danger is it really worth it?

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