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More Firefighters Hit With Layoffs Due to Budget Issues

In another round of budget cuts hurting local fire departments, this time in Brockton MA. In April the city threatened to layoff 20 firefighters in order to meet budget demands and the union was able to save the jobs by giving some financial concessions to free up money until the end of the fiscal year to keep the jobs.  With the new fiscal year set to begin July 1st the city has informed the fire department that 15 jobs are back in front of the firing squad along with other city employees and 74 school teachers. Chief Kenneth Galligan isn’t as optimistic this time about the jobs being saved saying   “The payroll will drop from 185 (people) to 170, the number of uniformed firefighters will go from 169 to 154.” This will be the fourth time fire department jobs are cut in Brockton due to budget issues.  Over the last 3 city budgets 28 other firefighters have been cut.  Galligan said Tower 1 on the East Side will be shut down if the layoffs happen. That will leave the city with just two ladder trucks.  The impact on the saftey of residents has yet to be determined.

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